- Frank Zappa - You are what you is

You are what you is

You are what you is è un album di Frank Zappa.


  1. Teen-age wind
  2. Harder then your husband
  3. Doreen
  4. Goblin girl
  5. Theme for the 3rd movement of sinister footwear
  6. Society pages
  7. I’m a beautiful guy
  8. Beauty knows no pain
  9. Charlie’s enormous mouth
  10. Any downers?
  11. Conehead
  12. You are what you is
  13. Mudd club
  14. The meek shall inherit nothing
  15. Dumb all over
  16. Heavenly bank account
  17. Suicide chump
  18. Jumbo go away
  19. If only she woulda
  20. Drafted again

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