The Mutual Admiration Society

stevevait - Sterling Ball - The mutual admiration society
19 Gennaio 2018
Sterling Ball, John Ferraro, Jim Cox
Favored Nations
Number of discs: 1


1. Payday Song
2. The In Crowd (feat. Steve Morse)
3. Checkin’ Up On my Baby
4. Baby Please Don’t Go (feat. Steve Lukather)
5. Treat Her Right
6. Sugar Shack (feat. Steve Vai)
7. Memphis A/K/A Memphis, Tennessee
8. Cryin’ Time (feat. Albert Lee)
9. I Want You Back
10. Disney Medley (feat. John Petrucci)
11. Hey Good Lookin’ (feat. Albert Lee)
12. Strip Mall Gourmet (feat. Jay Graydon)
13. Heartbroke

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